Sunday , 29 May 2022


Performing nationwide, Angry Bob has a high-energy unique adult act that is downright hilarious and crowds all over love him! He regularly performs all over NYC in such illustrious clubs as the Broadway Comedy Club, New York Comedy Club, Comic Strip Live and more! He has had a recurring role on HBO's BORED TO DEATH, has done political satire on Countdown with KEITH OLBERMANN on MSNBC and also on CNN with anchor Rick Sanchez (Sanchez has been quoted saying “THERE'S NO BIGGER NAME WHEN IT COMES TO POLITICAL SATIRE THAN ANGRY BOB!!"), and more! ANGRY BOB is poised to explode off his launching pad like a Saturn 5 rocket, hurtling toward the stars in a crescendo of insightful political and social observations along with the boyish randy silliness he’s known and loved for nationwide!

Contact Angry Bob at [email protected]

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